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New Leaf Smoothies is a new company based in Illinois that sells fruit and vegetable smoothies (blends) to businesses for their employees, as well as retail. This innovative smoothie maker has developed a better and nutritious way to create blended fruit drinks, right in their backyard in Illinois, partnering with existing USA agriculture partners. This fresh company needed a fun but trustworthy online brand for their target audiences. To achieve this we chose a clean yet colorful web design to speak well to office directors, managers, human resources, and other purchasing decision makers. Before going online, we created their smoothie brand from the grounding up, including their logo, branding kit, business cards, letterhead, website and more.

Website Design for a Smoothie MakerNew Leaf Smoothies sells the drinks directly to the business and keep them routinely stocked for the office, depending on the smoothie flavor and inventory a particular office wants. The business then offers the drinks to their employees at no costs. This new concept and service helps businesses improve employee productivity, thus saving money. It also benefits the employee’s personal health, making it beneficial for both the worker and the business. Backed by research, the need for healthier drink and food options at work is very real. These new fruit and vegetable blends are gluten free, vegan, and have no added sugar. They come in four different flavor combinations, containing both fruit and vegetables.

Need a Retail (or Smoothie) Website?

Do you have a retail product you’d like to sell, online and/or in stores? We can help and have helped several businesses launch their brand and products, including package design, sales inserts, logo imprinting, and more. Some of our clients choose to sell on their website only, while others want to generate sales on Amazon and other comparison sites. We have the experience to integrate products on your site with the bigger sites, as well as setting up the right automation to save cost with digital marketing.