Web design for a senior home care company

Senior Home Care Website

Senior Home Stay’s main objective is to keep homeowners in their home versus in assisted living. One benefit is the value of the home often increases and many times offsets the cost of hiring SHS not to mention the average cost of assisted living in Colorado is quite high. With a target audience set, senior parents and their adult children, we started with a blank slate and created the Senior Home Stay brand which included a logo, color palette, fonts, photos, icons, and more. This gave us to build blocks to create a nicely branded website design the client is proud of.

More About Senior Home Stay

Senior Care Website DesignSHS started because they saw an under-served community, with a sizeable percentage of seniors giving up their homes because of the overwhelming tasks of staying in a single family home. Two of three seniors are cared for by friends or family. Senior Home Stay offers an affordable solution to maintain the upkeep of the home, retain its value, and relieve the whole family of these responsibilities so you can focus more on each other. Their services include home inspection, interior /exterior / emergency maintenance and repair. SHS is committed to restoring and maintaining a modern version of village mentality. Maintaining quality living starts now.

Building this website was fun, both because of the client’s mission as well as we were able to create the brand from the ground up. The site was built in WordPress so that it can be easily updated by the client or staff. Since the company was new we selected certain stock photos that would resemble the future workers. Content writing is also something we handled for both this site and various SHS print pieces. The right copy is not only critical for speaking to your audience but also for SEO. Once complete, we put the website through our checklist to make sure it was google, mobile, and user friendly.

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