Law Firm Website Design

I&O Law is a recently established firm in the heart of Washington, D.C., and their mission is to bring legal solutions to consumers around the world. They specialize in data privacy, bankruptcy/insolvency, cybersecurity, and business formation cases. The goal of this website design was simplicity. Their business is face-to-face, or in today’s new normal faced-to-face video conference or from 6 feet apart. There’s no denying our country is in a state of crisis at the moment, whether that’s because of job loss, illness, or fear of sickness; one thing remains true, scammers don’t stop.  The legal team at I&O is well aware of the issues facing consumers in these trying times, so they opened their office in the middle of the pandemic to reach people in need, right now.

The Website Design Project

It started with a discovery session that allowed us to get to know the entire legal team, especially with regards to their values, agenda, and purpose.  They explained their desire to make sure customers knew they were new and could be trusted and that they are well-equipped to handle specific cases in their niche.  They wanted a professional website that clearly showed their location, highlighted their biographies and education, as well as ensure contact would be easy and convenient.

Search engine optimization wasn’t a core concern for this website design, but we still built it according to best practices. By that, we designed the website to be fast, responsive, and dynamic so that it can grow with SEO goals in the future. 

Our Impression of the Project

The law firm website design project was very straightforward and to the point. Without sales or lead-generating needs, the website is what we call a “brochure” site. That means it’s really there for show because the people who get to the website really want to talk to someone in person anyway. They don’t have time or desire to move through the website. They have urgent concerns now. That’s why contact and location are placed strategically around the site and content is scarce.

Overall, this would be an excellent website design for those who spend most of their time talking to people and sending them to the site for reference and professional standing.

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