Loveland Landscaping Website

Loveland Landscaping Website

Gerrard Landscaping, a Loveland based company, came to us because they needed a strong new brand and a new web design to reflect that influence. They serve both commercial and residential customers alike and knew they needed a strong image to stand apart from all the competition in Northern Colorado. Another goal of Gerrard Landscaping was to convey their services better to potential businesses and customers. Their primary services are: Full Service Maintenance, Fertilizing and Weed Control Programs, and Installation and Hardscape.

We started the new brand with a bold new “leaf” logo, then we added Google fonts along with contemporary landscaping and garden colors. This brand “foundation” gave us the materials we needed to design a new matching site, as well as creating various print materials for the client. Gerrard Landscaping is a service-based business so we started with positioning clear and concise contact information in the website header. To drum up new business and prospects we also added a “Request a Free Quote” button which takes the user to a web form. We also put simplified contact information in the site footer to increase inquiries.

Website design for a Loveland landscaping companyA Contemporary Website Layout

At this point is where the site differs from most our work because it’s a one-page web design. The “homepage” is cut into separate sections, which are linked to from the site menu navigation. This design lends itself beautifully on mobile and tablet devices. These websites can also have SEO value if built built properly. A one-page website is great for start-ups, personal sites, sales and landing pages, digital marketing, and more.

Are you in need of a small or one-page website? Maybe you need to give your logo a facelift as well? We can help with any and all of your branding and web design needs. Get started today – let’s talk and discuss your web project.