Label Printer Web Design

Label Printer Website

LabelTec is a label and packaging printer that opened in Fort Collins in 1982, and we’ve helped them with their traditional marketing and websites for nearly 15 years. This latest web design was launched this month, aimed at educating and guiding buyers, and bringing in sales leads. That said, we worked heavily with their sales and graphic designers to create a site that was modern, easy to navigate, and that reflected their brand. One homepage element we love is the video of their presses in action, coupled with their logo overlay. From a web design best practices approach, we improved the site on-page navigation. We utilized a combination of images, icons, captions, and hover content to guide users where they want to go while educating them on the products along the way.

A Better Foundation for SEO

Though live, LabelTec’s site isn’t finished as we now strap our SEO goggles back on. Good SEO requires research and upfront work, as well as it’s needed during the design process, and finally it is required at the end (ongoing if done right). Before starting any website, we meet with the client for input or at the very least we research their competitors and industry. We take those base keywords and phrases and code the website wireframe using them, creating a strong foundation for on-page content and future additions. The level of SEO “layers” required for every site is different but by utilizing paid software and tools we are able to help you jump above the competition in Google.

Behind the scenes, our sites’ utilize a number of technologies to load faster and rank higher. From starting with the right host and server environment, to building a lean site backend, to automating tasks like blogging, email and social marketing. From one-page marketing sites to thousand page commercial sites, we build your site to perform and keep users coming back. Want to hear more about the sites we’ve moved to the top of Google? Let’s chat today and see where we can take your business.