Web design for an online health training site

Healthcare Training Website

National Healthcare Training (NHT) needed a comprehensive and trustworthy website for online classes and enrollment. With all of their web course materials, information, and curriculum privileges, security for the educators and students was a must. (On a side note, we host all of our websites securely on HTTPS, one of the top things Google can rank your SEO on.) The NHT web design is clean, contemporary, and the colors in the site guide the user through the pages. Mobile-friendliness was of course another requirement as instructors and students alike would need access at times via smart phone or tablet.

Website for National Healthcare TrainingNational Healthcare Training programs provide an industry-approved curriculum for health professionals. They are an online training institution based out of Vero Beach, Florida. Their training programs are directed by a world-class orthopedic surgeon, and taught by several field experts. Today’s competitive medical and surgical assisting training environment requires advanced training program(s) with integrated technology and interactive learning classrooms that include visual, audio, and testing assessments for skills. NHT is proud to provide that, and much more.

Healthcare Opportunities

National Healthcare Training programs offer a unique and compelling courses to learners who want to discover their talents and grow in their chosen field. NHT’s goal is to attract highly qualified and driven individuals who share the same ambition NHT does: to preserve the integrity of Allied Health Sciences by offering comprehensive practical and theoretical applications in a virtual environment that are relevant in real-world medical and surgical settings. Most of all, National Healthcare Training programs are designed to encourage a lifelong commitment to learning.

Before designing NHT a fully-loaded site, we created their brand standards & guidelines – an important document no business or organizations should do without. The brand standards led to content development, which is the most important aspect in Search Engine Optimization. We then take that content and outline of the site to sculpt the design and layout around. Our relationship with National Healthcare Training stays strong and they now rely on us for their digital marketing.