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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have become a widespread industry and contains multiple approaches and moving parts. Good SEO isn’t simply about finding and using a new website design, solid content and keywords. A growing or successful site’s optimization is an ongoing process and makes the website increasingly friendly and visible to search engines. Basically, search engine optimization is a required tool to be seen and heard by the right audience at the right time – delivering the right content. Trust our Fort Collins experts to help with your SEO today!

In ancient times, Search Engine Optimization was usually limited to blanketing a website with keywords to grab the attention of search engines. As technology and the web development have progressed overnight, search engines are now smarter and employ algorithms to better find what a searcher is looking for. There are now more than 200 different factors that the Google takes into consideration when ranking a website on the results page. Google and others want websites to provide the best results, proving that you’re real, reputable, and popular. SEO still relies a lot on with keywords, but they must be appropriately and meaningfully used based on the content of a website.

Good Web Design Helps SEO

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Our SEO services utilize Google Analytics.

Your website design also plays a big role in the SEO of your website. Everything from the code structure of the navigation footers, sidebars, footers, to the proper use of titles in links influences Google and other search engines. Search Engine Optimization sometimes falls under content marketing because it requires researched and well thought content. From link building to blogging to wire-framing the perfect site, proper SEO will give you get a higher rank.

Our Fort Collins SEO experts know what it takes to optimize your website design and content on each page. We want your site to be as visible as possible for those searching for your products or services. Unlike others we won’t guarantee unrealistic placement in the search engines – we’ll do our homework and research to see where your site can improve. That said, we have several clients placed at the top of Google due to our proven search engine methods.


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