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Consultant Firm Website

Consultant firm, MD Associates is an “ideation” group that provides consulting with the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. First started in Fort Collins, Colorado, the founder of MD Associates is an old friend and client. Now located in Hilton Head Island, SC, this web design is the firm’s second site with us, and it is still being wrapped up with new content creation. The right content is crucial for targeting your audience as well as SEO.

Website design for a consultantAs mentioned, we’ve known the founder of MD Associates since the day the ideation consultant firm began. This allowed us to create their brand quickly and with little input – it consisted of a modern black-and-white logo, business cards, and a land page. Fast-forward to now, and we have an updated brand, logo, and landing page for this growing firm. With a very targeted audience, conservative and traditional, a one-page web design seemed like the best approach. Probably considered a brochure-style website, this layout focuses briefly on the firm’s mission and consultant services, which include:

  • Board Relations
  • Recruiting
  • Revenue Generation
  • Membership Sales
  • Vision Casting
  • Special Events
  • Programming
  • Raving Fans
  • Member Satisfaction

A Fast Site

Though small in size, we outfitted this site the way we always do with proper attention to a responsive web design, mobile-friendly font sizes, quick load speed, and our own recipe of SEO.

Though their new website is still undergoing new content writing, we invite you to contact them from their new web form. From collaboration to ideation to leadership, MD Associates can help you create the experience you’re looking for.