Blogger researching for post

Better blogging requires research and SEO.

Blogging is an important piece of most successful websites and can be one of your primary communication and engagement tools. Regardless of using a stand alone blog or one integrated with one or more social networks or services, we know blogs inside-and-out and can set yours up for blogging success.

Originally, blogs were an online journal where the author would describe, educate, and illustrate what happened that day, week, or month. As time progressed, web marketing gurus found that blogging had enormous power. Blogs help big time with search engine optimization, in-part due to their potential for mass content generation and easy crawl structure for the search engines. Blogs also allow for post commenting, social network integration, search tools, and more. Our favorite and the best proven blogging platform, as well as for web design, is WordPress.

There are two main differences separating a blog from a website:

  1. Blogging keep readers engaged with tools like comments, likes, and social sharing. They allow for fluid communication between your web users and your business. This builds trust and repeat visitors. Blogs are updated regularly with new articles, videos, or other types of content. Content on most websites is “static” making them more a brochure style site or catalog of products or services. Content on these sites generally stays up for two to three years, or more.
  2. Google and the bigger search engines like Bing eat up new content. They love fresh content and will come back for more. Websites blogging have over 400% more indexed pages (which are really blog posts). Indexed pages can affect your page rank and improve your SEO in a major way. Growing pages and posts with relevant content will only improve your rank.

Most website owners aren’t familiar with the difference between a blog versus a website. The better sites online have both a blog and a website, often combining them both into one domain and or site. That in itself can cause confusion.

Blogging is one of the most powerful SEO tools available for your website. From education to events to specials and more, a blog allows you to reach a wider audience and keep them coming back for more.

Boost your search engine ranking. Start blogging!