Fast website hosting on the cloud

A Better Host Equals Better SEO

With Google now using speed and security of websites as a ranking factor, choosing the right host is  more important than ever. For this reason, we currently utilize high-performance hosting on cloud servers that load our clients’ sites faster and more securely. We’ve identified three main factors, outside of page content and backlinks, that can affect your website page rank which are page speed, HTTPS, server uptime/downtime. When choosing a web host these items should be at the top of your list.

Out of above, page speed is graded the most by Google. For this reason, we optimize all our finished sites for the fastest load speed possible. If you’re familiar with you’ll know there are lots of factors that play into a page’s speed. Many of our sites rate in the high 90’s (out of 100) at Pingdom. Something you won’t see in most sites.

HTTPS is another big consideration when it comes to SEO ranking. Google wants to serve users secure sites and thus is grading sites more and more on whether they have a valid security certificate. Every site we build at Fort Collins Web Design runs on HTTPS, for better ranking.

Lastly, uptime and downtime are a factor. This is based on a few things including your domain host, website host, and website efficiency. This is another reason we test and optimize our sites, to rule out hardware and software.

As you can see, there is more to SEO and Google than page content and design. We provide all the levels of SEO, from building your site SEO-ready to researching competitors and writing the best content for your website. Give us a jingle today to see what we can do with your current ranking.